September 18, 2017 Architecture Techniques 0

Eco-friendly’ and ‘hypoallergenic’ are terms we are all looking for when looking to renovate our homes. These two terms also describe the bamboo plant. This unique plant grows in the Asia and has been used to build everything from furniture to homes as well as clothes and other everyday items has also been used to make something else:

flooring. Bamboo flooring not only offers an environmental-friendly atmosphere but they are also a sight to behold and can be made in various unique designs. It is important for every home or establishment owner to put hygiene at the top of their list during home construction which will surely save on future medical and renovation expenses.

To begin with, bamboo is lauded for its flexibility, its ability to darken or brighten through the carbonization process and it can also withstand high levels of moisture that is quite different to tile stripping process. This means that it can be woven or turned into planks, which means that options for unique designs are almost endless and that it can be used in places prone to moisture like bathrooms and kitchens. It is also considered to be a very strong material that beats even oak wood so it will not dent or get easily damaged.

Bamboo is also a highly considered option to make flooring because it is completely natural, does not contain harmful chemicals and is also a generally clean plant. This ensures that consumers do not get infections or allergic reactions to it. This means that there are no rashes, irritations or other adverse effects on the bamboo user. This is also the reason why it is used to make socks, towels and even baby clothing products.

 Bamboo flooring is perfect for a home because of its ability to withstand high levels of moisture. When a home is made of materials that cannot withhold moisture, then it causes a health risk in that it could cause dampness in the air and this could cause breathing and lung-related problems, especially in children.

Moisture can also give rise to mold and other fungal attacks to a home. Rooms that are most susceptible to this are bathrooms and kitchens, the most sensitive rooms in the home because one is where food is kept and the other is where one cleans the body. Using bamboo based-flooring will ensure that there is no mold, fungal or bacterial hazards in the home because it actually stops the growth of bacteria.

Another thing that causes great worry with wood flooring is the fact that termites tend to attack thus weakening the flooring. This is not the case with bamboo because termites do not attack it and there is no risk of the floor warping, both of which can destroy the home as well as become a health hazard. This means that the home owner does not have to think about spraying chemicals to get rid of termites.

From the above benefits among others, it is easy to see why people in the Orient rarely have unusual diseases because the base of their everyday life when it comes to clothing, furniture and home construction is bamboo. This is a natural and eco-friendly plant because of its fast growth and little need to care for it as it grows. It is also a cheaper option to wood and is easy to make varying designs from it. Go for bamboo flooring so as to ensure the health and safety of those in the home or the workplace.